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Framaroot apk is the best way to Root your Android Smartphone without a Desktop PC

Root with Framaroot apk Latest Version - v1.9.3

Framaroot apk 1.9.3 is developed for root many Android devices without using a desktop PC. Framaroot 1.9.3 is the latest version supports more than 400 Android devices. Framaroot download directly on your smartphone and root the device itself. Framaroot apk included several number of exploits to compatible with many popular Android devices and you can switch between exploits to find which matches best for your device.

New exploits will be added to Framaroot in future. This is a completely free Android rooting system. Please remember that warranty of your device will be void on rooting with Framaroot. Please go through the Framaroot tutorial and FAQ section before start rooting. The latest version is available below for direct download.

Download Framaroot apk

Features of Framaroot 1.9.3 APK

  • 01 Simple and Easy UI:

    Framaroot is designed to take beginners into consideration. So it's easy to root, even if you have no previous experience.

  • Use Framaroot to execute individual scripts in the OS. These scripts can be used or simply tweaked to the existing system.

  • As the app works, you can only root your device with one click, if you find achievements within Android. Root the app's homepage directly.

  • Never again use your computer to fulfill your root requirements. It's all sorted by Framaroot. Advanced root functions can be performed directly through the app.

  • After rooting the phone by default, Framaroot 1.9.3 APK installs SuperSU. '# su'┬áis a command used for operating system root-level permissions. Execute these SuperSU functions.

  • Unrooting a device with Android may lead to screen deaths or RAM problems. Framaroot simplifies all, enabling you to root / unroot in minutes.

  • The Framaroot App perfectly roots your mobile and supports many root access mod Apks. Install applications such as Spotify Premium Apk, Facetune Mod Apk, AC Market, No Root Apk gaming killer, and many other root applications that are easily required.


Root your device with Framaroot apk

  • Download Framaroot apk latest version from above link on your Android smartphone.
  • Install the downloaded apk using file explorer or directly from your mobile browser.
  • Android will warn your about trustfulness of the Download Framaroot apk and ignore it to proceed.
  • Open Framaroot and select required action from Install SuperSU, Unroot or Execute script.
  • Execute script is for advanced users and please check Advanced user section for Execute script usage.
  • You are done.

Framaroot troubleshooting

If Framaroot download pop ups a message saying there is not vulnerable to exploit included then Sorry, You can uninstall the app. If you are prompted to one or more names of exploits, then you can select one of them to proceed with and will be ended up with one of the following status. Please check Status glossary below

Framaroot glossary

Success :)

Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device

Failed :(

Exploit work but installation of Superuser and su binary have failed

Half Success :/

System partition is read-only, use local.prop trick. Reboot your device and use adb to see if it run as root

Failed :(

Try another exploit if available

Framaroot Downlaod

Advanced User Features

Framaroot can run custom script while root your device. Your script's name should be "custom" and simply put it at /sdcard/custom. You can athe process by running Framaroot from an adb shell directly. Use advanced user scripts only if you are extremely aware about what you do and at your own risk. It's really easy to brick your device with a single wrong line.


  • $ adb shell am start -n com.alephzain.framaroot/.FramaAdbActivity --es exploit Barahir --ei action 2
  • Available values for action argument:
    • 0 -> Install SuperSU
    • 1 -> Unroot
    • 2 -> Execute script (/sdcard/custom)

Automate Code from adb shel

  • cat /sdcard/myappneedsystem.apk > /system/app/myappneedsystem.apk
  • pm install /system/app/myappneedsystem.apk

Developer Credits

Use Framaroot download with your own risk. We are not responsible about any kind of damages to your device or warranty void. All credits and copyrights goes to the original developer of the Framaroot apk.

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